Rocket Science 3D Illustration

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Whether you're a creative looking to use 3D character illustrations in your e-learning projects, this Rocket Science 3D Illustration for you. You can find Design resources and UI kits. With a huge collection of freebies and premiums in varying categories, we provide amazing resources for your work. Key features - Figma files (Fully editable) - 3D OBJ and FBX Files (Fully customizable) - High-Resolution Images 1920x1080 (PNG) - Pre-build screens This 3D Education Illustration perfectly works for websites, mobile apps, or presentations. We provided Figma files with the easiest color change options. Anyone can change the asset’s color with one click, making it easier to use in other projects. You have control to make color customization using Figma or you can make some changes with 3D Files (OBJ, FBX).

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Published: November 15th 2021

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