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When you create a mobile app, the first thing that most people look at is the design. The design will grab the user's attention, and it is the design that will keep your user coming back for more. But what is the best app design? What are the different app design techniques that you can use? This blog will look at a few options and how you can create unique designs for your next project.

Why Are Inspirations Important?

User interface or UX design ideas always play a crucial component in helping product designers produce excellent iPhone or Android app design that generally works for the intended purpose. While creating these awesome mobile apps, UX/UI designers often spend ample time searching and looking for a variety of free-to-use UI design templates or commercially produced smartphone application interface designs to get inspiration from them. And this is why we have decided to create a collection of fresh, modern mobile app interface designs, complete with examples of what they look like and how they function.

10 Best Mobile App Design | An Analysis Of Success

Here Are The 10 Best App Design Inspirations For You

1. Game Social Media App

by uixNinja

It is the best example of a game social media app. You can take inspiration from it for your gaming project. Also, this is a great color example for any kind of project. The consistency of the app is excellent. The iconography and design aliments are also great in this design.

2. Investment App Design

by uihut

It is the best example of an investment app. As you can see on this app, the color combination is incredible. On different bg, the design looks excellent and warm. The graph on this design is very creative. You can take inspiration from it if you try to make any investment app.

3. Odyah E-Commerce App

by Dribbble

It is an excellent example of an e-commerce app design. Moreover, the color, style, typography, and everything is great on this app. Especially the button style is unique on this app. You can see the best way to use icons and typefaces on this app. Another thing that makes the design premium is image selection for design. It's remarkable. If you are willing to make any e-commerce app, this app is great to take inspiration.

4. Cooking App Design

by Dribbble

This app is for cooking or recipe learning app. As you can see from this app, the button style is unique. The color uses of the app are excellent. Also, for the user experience, it's a great app. If you want to make any recipe or cooking app, this is a great app to take inspiration from.

5. Online Banking App

by uihut

It is an example of banking app design. There are many banking apps on the internet for taking inspiration, but in my opinion, this is the best. Because on this app, the gradient uses look incredible. The card design on the app also looks pretty gorgeous. The best thing about this app is the color combinations. If you are trying to make any banking app, you can take inspiration from this design.

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6. Booking App Design

by uihut

This app is all about booking platforms. On this app, users can book a hotel or resort. This app is a perfect and modern app design. The best part of this app is that you can download the full version of the app from UIHUT. If you want to build this kind of app, you can have the complete design inspiration and the entire flow of the app on the site. 

7. Exercise Mobile App Design

by Budiarti R.

This app is an excellent example of a fitness app. As you can see, the illustrations used in this design are remarkable. The colors, ailments, typography, and icons are just awesome. Also, the graph on this app is unique and styled. If you want to make an app like this, you should take inspiration from this design.

8. Food Delivery App

by uihut

It is an example of a food delivery app. There are many apps on the internet for food delivery inspirations, but I chose that because I think this design is a perfect example of this concept. In this design, you can see every function and aliments are there. The color chosen for this app is perfect. Cause of food delivery app design, the most important thing is the color. It also has the best navigation I have ever seen. This design is perfect for taking inspiration.

9. Task Management App

by Anastasia

It is the best example of a task manager app. It's an excellent design. In this design, you can see the best uses of illustration on the onboarding screen. Also, you can take inspiration for color from the app. The paint used on the app is immaculate and straightforward. The consistency of uses color on this app is done perfectly. If you are trying to make a task manager app, you can take inspiration from it.

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10. VR Experience App

by uihut

This app is about the VR experience. As you can see on this app, there is a great VR experience app. The interface is straightforward, and the color choice is excellent. On dak bg, the app looks fantastic. It's tough to find VR app inspiration that you can take inspiration from the app.

Warp Up

We're almost at the end of our countdown of awesome mobile app interface designs, so here are the last ten available. You'll know what to do with all these great examples exactly! You might use them as inspiration for one of your future design projects, but they could also serve as a source of skilled UI and UX designers who seem to be succeeding with this type of work.

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