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15 Best Graphic Design Services Firms Around The World

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Everyone loves a good design piece. It doesn't matter if you appreciate art, graphic design or even if you don't really have an eye for it. We're naturally drawn to things that are visually appealing. That's why companies spend so much time and money crafting their brand image.

In today's competitive and tech-savvy world, companies are fighting to gain competitive advantages by implementing new, innovative technologies into their marketing campaigns. A vital key to standing out amongst your competitors is utilizing experienced graphic design firms for your custom graphics needs. While most businesses can acquire the skills needed to create simple advertisement campaigns, it takes a talented graphic designer within the industry to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

15 most famous graphic design services companies in the industry to date.

1. UIHUT Agency

UIHUT Agency is a branding, product design, and software development agency. We help to build products with an amazing experience. We believe in creating and growing faster, what the world is looking for.


Founder: Mansurul Huque

Headquarters: Bangladesh


Services offered: Digital Product Design, Brand Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Website Design, Web Application Design, Mobile Application Design, Illustration 2D/3D, Design System, Animation, Web Development, and Digital Marketing.

Notable clients: Pambly, Metasaff, Gryphon,, Percent, Help A Hero, Wellbene, Nep.

2. Meta Design

Meta Design is one of the most influential and innovative design agencies in the world. For 20 years they’ve pushed boundaries through building brand experiences that make a lasting impact. From updating Apple’s Mac OS to crafting Adobe’s packaging and identity, the legendary firm has made its mark globally.

Meta Design is a design firm founded by Erik Spiekermann and three of his colleagues way back in 1979. Meta Design is one of the world’s leading design firms. Founded by Erik Spiekermann and Karin Fong, Meta Design has since cultivated a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to client work across brand identity, graphic design, content strategy, and film/motion graphics.


Founder: Erik Spiekermann

Headquarters: San Francisco

Address: 350 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

Offices: Seven offices. One MetaDesign. Whether it’s strategy, naming, design, digital experience, activation, or brand governance, we know what it takes to build brands for success.

Services offered: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Positioning, Brand portfolio and architecture, Spatial Design, brand experience, Interaction and experience design (UI/UX), and Web Design.

Notable clients: Adidas, FIFA, Netflix, Sony, Apple, AT&T, Coca-Cola, DHL, Lacoste, New York Philharmonic, Intel, Porsche, Volkswagen, Yves Saint Laurent, San Francisco Ballet, The Economist.

3. Pentagram 

Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio.

Their work encompasses graphics and identity, strategy and positioning, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications, data visualizations and typefaces, and sound and motion. Their 23 partners are all practicing designers, and whether working collaboratively or independently, they do so in friendship.


Founders: Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Address: New York, Austin, Berlin, and San Francisco

Services Provided: Digital Design, Environmental Graphics, Product Design, brand identity, book design, campaigns, data visualization, editorial design, exhibition design, industrial/product design, interiors and architecture, naming, packaging, sound design, film, and motion graphics.

Notable clients: Sake Fifth Avenue, The Daily Show, Planned Parenthood, Rolls-Royce, Revlon, Starbucks, The Guggenheim, United Airlines, Verizon, Walgreens, Warner Brothers, Grey Goose, Windows, The Oprah Winfrey Show

4. Landor

Landor is a global brand consulting and design firm that, since 1941, has had a way of looking at the world, business, and people that reveal new truths and spark transformation. For Landorians (that’s what we call ourselves), it’s all about making brands matter in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Landor helps clients build agile brands that thrive in today’s dynamic, advancing marketplace. Their branding services include strategy and positioning, identity and design, brand architecture, prototyping, innovation, naming and verbal identity, research and analytics, environments and experience, engagement, and activation.


Founder: Walter Landor

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United State

Office Address: Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Cape Town, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dubai, Geneva, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, ManvsMachine, Melbourne.

Services Provided: Brand Architecture. Brand Identity, Brand Innovation, Experiences & Environments, Brand Engagement, Packaging, Brand Innovation, Insights & Analysis, Brand Strategy.

Notable clients: FedEx, British Airways, BMW, Nike, Coca-Cola, the WWF, PepsiCo, Levis, Apple, Volvic, Kraft, Jameson, Volkswagen, Henkel, Old Spice, Kraft, Citroën, Proctor and Gamble, Juicy Couture, Rolex, John Deere. Kellogg’s

5. Fable

Fable is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design consultancy, specializing in brand positioning and strategy, ViSual identity, creative campaigns, print and digital communications, spatial experiences, and more. After more than 20 years in the business of telling stories to build brands, we still believe in the revelatory power of a good story – even if it’s just to your boss.


Headquarters: Singapore

Services Provided: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Visual Identities, Creative Campaigns, Spatial Experiences

Notable clients: Brain Magazine Japan, Hello 2016, Alpha Drive, Hidden, JUJU, Pangdemonium, Wealth Destined, Play, The Balance Company, The Meeting Room, and Think Teach Academy. 

6. Fireart Studio 

To describe Fireart Studio would be like trying to cover the entire spectrum of human emotion—it is literally impossible. They are single-handedly changing the face of digital design. They’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill website designs either. Their team takes digital interfaces to a whole new level with their minimalist, clean aesthetic that focuses on usability and purposeful design. Oh, and did we mention that they call picturesque Warsaw home? How’s that for variety?


Founder: Dima Venglinski

Headquarters: Poland

Address: 21 Marynarska St, 02-674 Warszawa, Poland

Services Provided: Brand Identity, Development, Motion Graphics, outstaffing, Product Design

Notable clients: WinRAR, Swisscom, Product Design, Swipex, Radial Hub, Google, Atlassian, Codio, 2Park.

7. Saffron Brand Consultants 

Saffron is a global brand and innovation consultancy headquartered in Madrid. Their purpose is to transform brands and businesses with the clarity of rigorous thinking and the courage of bold ideas. Established in 2001, they have built a world-class team operating at the intersection of creativity, technology, and business across six offices around the world: London, Madrid, Milan, Mumbai, Shenzhen, and New York.


Founder: Wally Olins

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Address: Istanbul, London, Mumbai, Vienna, and Madrid

Services Provided: Brand Identity, Development, Motion Graphics, outstaffing, Product Design

Brand philosophy: create, grow, adapt, transform

Notable clients: Facebook, Youtube, Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Proximus, The Institute of Cancer Research, Rostelecom, and V Festival.

8. Anagrama 

Anagrama is a multidisciplinary firm with a conjunctive brand. They proudly provide a wide range of services in branding, architecture, and software. Anagrama excels at creating work environments where free-spirited art meets rational thinking.


Founder: Jorge Herralde

Headquarters: Mexico

Address: Guillermo Prieto 400, Casco Urbano, 66230 San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Mexico

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Architecture, Interior Design, Print & Digital Design, Software Services, Web design & development

Notable clients: Conarte Library, Infamous, Redberry, Sally Beauty, Tequila Delaluz, Winter Milk

9. Happy Cog 

Happy Cog is a leading digital studio that designs and builds experiences on the web, mobile, and beyond. Their work ranges from full-fledged content management systems and digital culture initiatives to websites for museums and designers.


Founder: Jeffrey Zeldman

Headquarters: United State

Address: 99 Madison Ave 10th fl, New York, NY 10016, United States

Notable clients: Harvard Business School, Ben & Jerry’s, McGraw-Hill Education,  Nintendo, US Holocaust Museum,, Georgetown University,, Thomson Reuters.

10. Leoburnett 

Leo Burnett is a Chicago-based company that has its hands in almost any creative discipline you can think of. With more than 90 offices across the globe, this agency is a global communications leader.


Founder: Leo Burnett

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Notable clients: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, P&G, Samsung, GM, Fiat, Bell, LCBO, Ikea, Elections Canada.

11. Metalab 

Metalab is a design studio based in Victoria, British Columbia. They had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest companies online, including Google, Disney, Slack, Medium, and more. We also have our own online services with thousands of customers around the world: Ballpark (the invoicing app we built to support our business), and Flow, the project management app that lets you focus on what matters most.


Founder: Andrew Wilkinson

Headquarters: Victoria, Canada

Notable Clients: Google,  Slack,  Amazon, Finery, Facebook, Lonely Planet, TED, Otter.


12. Mucho 

Mucho is an international creative agency founded in New York City in 2000 by creative partners Gael and Martin. Mucho carries an awareness that designs travel beyond the computer screen: designs appear in the world around us, and designers should take care to make the world look aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, they are dedicated to shaping how their clients are perceived on an international level. Their success in this regard is proven through their astonishingly large client list.


Headquarters: Barcelona

Locations: New York, Paris, and San Francisco

Notable clients: Apple, BMW, Gap Inc., Google, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Phaidon, San Francisco Art Exchange, University of California, Venmo

Service Provided: Brand Identity, Brand Management, Brand Narrative, Brand Strategy


13. House Industries 

One of the most famous typography companies in the world is surprisingly based in Delaware. Named “the masters of typography” by Fast Company Magazine, House Industries has created a plethora of gorgeous custom fonts which have been seen by millions of fashionistas, TV viewers, and concert audiences. More than just an amazing font maker, House Industries is a truly unique business powerhouse with a commanding influence on pop culture and beyond.


Founder: Andy Cruz

Headquarters: Yorklyn, Delaware, United States

Service Provided: drawing, font creation, lettering, painting

Notable clients: Design Within Reach, Agent Provocateur, Herman Miller, MTV, Hermes, Jimmy Kimmel Live,  The New Yorker, Target, The Cher Show, UNIQLO.

14. Socio Design

If you’re looking for a company that can design branding across multiple cultures, SocioDesign fits the bill. They’ve been hailed as the best at developing cross-cultural designs, and their minimalist approach to creation allows them to appeal to customers from all walks of life.


Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Services Provided: Brand Identity, Digital Experiences, Packaging Solutions

Notable clients: Beau Cacao, Capital Magazine, Chaos Fashion, KAE, MatchPint, Nokia, Rambling Muse, Sonos, STOR, Trace Magazine, Truth Consulting, Twice Fashion.

15. Studio fnt 

Studio fnt is a Seoul-based graphic design studio founded in November 2006. They collect fragmented and straying thoughts and then organize and transform them into relevant forms. Their three partners, Heesun Kim, Jaemin Lee, and Woogyung Geel work together with a number of designers on various projects. Their capabilities include branding for corporate business, graphic design for exhibitions and/or cultural arts events, and many others in various fields, sizes, and media.


Founder: Jaemin Lee

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Services Provided: Cultural arts events, Corporate Branding, Exhibition designs

Notable clients: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Field Trip, Hyundai, Materia, Milk Lab, Megabox, Ulju Mountain Film Festival.


When it comes to graphic design, there’s no shortage of options available to you. But the danger in having so many choices is that it can be overwhelming when you want to choose an option for your own needs. That’s why we created this list of the best graphic design companies and talent pools available online today. By simply searching for your region, otherwise known as your country of origin, you are presented with a compilation of high-quality web designers who will help shape your brand and force it into popular culture. So go ahead, start creating something fantastic for yourself - when you want to remake your brand or build something new, start with an excellent design for your logo and branding. We hope this article will help you with your decision.

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