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UI/UX Designer VS UI/UX Developer | Find What's the Difference

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Creating an interface for your product or website can be difficult. Most designers don't have the time to do the job right, but that's okay because this is the job of a different bundle of professionals – these are UX/UI developers and UX/UI designers. These specialists create products and interfaces. Let's look at how they differ from each other and why no one with a website can get away without hiring them!

What is UI Design?

The "UI" in UI design stands for "User Interface." The user interface is the layout of an application. It includes the text users read, buttons they click on images, sliders, text entry fields, and every single micro-interaction. Any sort of visual element or interaction must be designed.

Your job as a designer is to create a connective experience; everything from how items are ordered on a page to how you want them to act upon clicking on an item. From transitions to animations, every little detail must be designed from the ground up so that both users and developers alike can understand what they are interacting with.

UI designers are like interior decorators. Their field is beautiful aesthetics, so they make sure everything in your app or web feels organized, united, and thoughtfully placed for a reason.

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What is UX Design?

"UX" in UX Design stands for "User Experience." A user's experience of the app is determined by how they interact with it. Does interacting with the app give people the sense that they efficiently realize their tasks, or does it feel like a struggle? User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with the interface elements designed by UI designers.

UX designers are not miracle workers; there's only so much they can do to prevent a poor user experience. It all comes down to the interface of whatever it is that you're designing the UX for. If your design navigates easily and feels continuous, your user will likely have a good experience. But if navigation is complicated or nonsensical, users will probably be frustrated with your product's design, and it could ultimately lead to them wanting to use your competitor's instead.

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Difference Between UI UX Designers & Developers

When it comes to hiring Designer Or Developers, a clear line between these positions can be hard to draw. At the end of the day, their skill set is basically the same. The difference lies in their ultimate goal or objective. Galileo Galilei once said: 'the intention of the Holy Spirit is to teach how one goes to heaven, not how the heavens go.' The same thing also goes for UI and UX design. If you want someone who will work on user interface components (buttons, forms, etc.), you want a UI designer, and if you need to improve the Front End experience, you need a developer with UX skills - but they are not necessarily needed at the same time as each other because they both have their area of focus and responsibility within your team.

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Just remember, UI UX Designers and Developers work together in order to make a project or piece of artwork look good. When we think of a comic book, the illustration and the storyline are equally important. For example, take any beloved graphic novel/comic book you've ever read as an example. A developer is like an illustrator because they both need to create personalities that can develop over time within each individual character, but at the same time make them relatable so we can continue reading more about them in future stories. This is why it's important for designers and developers to work together because they parallel one another by being unique. Still, they balance each other as well because they both help tell part of the same story through different perspectives.

What Does UI & UX Designer Do?

UX designers work on improving consumers' satisfaction by improving the interface's usability. UI designers work on language and visual input to translate a brand identity into an aesthetically appealing, sleek-looking website design. The UI designer will select colors and fonts to ensure that customers can quickly and effortlessly access information.


  • Research user habits and issues

  • Create an interactive and accessible model

  • Implementing activities with eye-catching design

  • Develop figures of the website and interfaces

  • Interface elements such as menus, call to action, tabs, navigation, etc

  • Testing and troubleshooting user experience issues

  • Research and collab with the Marketing team to implement business into the design


  • InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, and others

  • In-depth knowledge of UI components, colors, and typography

  • Expertise in wireframe tasks and tools

  • Aware of design trends and tools

What Does UI & UX Developers Do?

A back-end developer ensures that the site's functions continue to run by updating and improving the server-side code. Finally, you have a full-stack developer who takes care of everything. Their role is to do work with the visual element of an app or website, working with UI and UX designers. As I said early, designers take care of the creative aspects of the interface, while developers focus on making these visual elements function smoothly and logically; sometimes, it's like a well-oiled machine.


  • Conduct user and product research

  • Set up the information architecture to identify your buyer persona and details

  • Create wireframes and user flows

  • Create prototypes and improve the flow of design

  • Take care of visual design (coming back to our designers)


  • Knowledge of coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others

  • Coding languages such as Ruby, PHP, Java, XHTML, Dot Net, Ajax, and other languages

  • Knowledge of Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, and others

  • Understanding of Restful APIsof social networking websites

  • Experience with content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce, and other systems

  • Understanding of SEO

What to Look at When Hiring UI UX Designers & Developers?

If you hire remotely or in-site, these roles work closely with your team, especially at the start of the process. You must have the ability to communicate effectively with not only your fellow digital professionals but also people outside of your company's industry, such as non-digital brands. As a result, it can be important to be flexible when discussing projects, as you will likely come across digital professionals who use terms and language that is unfamiliar to you.

Finally, Want to Hire One?

Do you need a UX/UI designer to enhance the usability of your product or integrate new features into existing content? Or are you looking for a developer to code excellent software for your mobile project, website, or online platform? If so, UIHUT Agency is here to help. We can help you to build your product A-Z. Contact us and let us assist you with what you need. We hope this article has cleared up the confusion and difference between UI/UX designers and UI/UX developers. Now, if you are keen to get more UX or UI designing knowledge, feel free to share with us.

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