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TexoAI is an SEO Copywriting AI Tools for building your marketing performance. It helps you write SEO-friendly and sales-boosting product descriptions in seconds. TexoAI churns out natural language content and optimizes it for SEO. By removing human errors, you can market your content to the right audience with no effort, at scale. TexoAI is also PR/Marketing materials and web pages in minutes instead of hours, without writing or hiring a team. You will receive quick and immediate feedback on the viability of your product strategy. Finding the right keywords to target can depend on many factors including your industry and products. Using the correct keywords will help people to find your product because you are reaching the right audience. To make it easy on you, TEXTOAI will help discover what words and phrases you should be targeting on your website and who else is searching online for those same terms. Well, layered and organized, responsive resize, global color and text styles, Auto-Layout, and with free fonts family from Google Fonts (Manrope). What will you get? - 315+ Beautiful Screens design - Figma Files 100% editable and scalable. Adobe XD & Sketch Version Coming Soon. Thank You For Your Valuable Time.

Published: March 18th 2022

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