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Bankpic is a free banking app that lets you see all of your accounts in one place and easily move money where it's needed. From your screen, keep track of your spending, alerting you if you're over budget in any category and showing your balances across all accounts. It also lets you manage your finances and send money securely to other Bankpic customers. Bankpic offers a simple and easy tool for you to manage your debit card from your mobile phone. Our app allows you convenient management of your everyday banking. With just a few quick taps, you can check your recent transactions, register for direct deposit, and more. Plus, you can schedule transactions for future dates to be sure you'll have enough money when you need it. And with push notifications, you won't miss an important payment again. In this app, you will get 40+ app screens with light and dark UI. It's fully customizable and easy to change colors. Download and enjoy the app. Available in Figma and XD.

Published: February 3rd 2022

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